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Bodies Making Chemistry

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SIS Case Files

What if the federal government had an agency that hunted things that go bump in the night?
Book 1 - And Hell Itself Breathes Out
Book 2 - Now I Could Drink Hot Blood
Book 3  - Like An Untimely Frost
Book 4 - For the Eye Sees Not Itself
Short(er) Stories
featuring the same characters
SIS Interludes Vol 1
Ghost PTSD

Evan Garrett is a psychic DC homicide cop, and his latest case is triggering all his instincts. When one murder becomes two, he can't help but start connecting the dots, putting cases and clues together. He's not the only one, though. John Benchley, director of Special Investigative Services, a tiny government agency attached to Homeland Security which deals with darker realities, and his team are soon on the case, and they bring Evan and his special skills on board.

Both bisexual, Evan and John find they are attracted to each other, even as they work together to solve this string of murders which keeps growing in scope. Their serial killer seems to be moving toward darker and darker deeds with every murder and ritual performed. Can John and Evan find solace in each other, even as murderous men and demonic forces threaten not only their own team, but the city as well?
Special Investigative Services agents John Benchley and his lover and partner Evan Garrett from "And Hell Itself Breathes Out" are back with another case from the files of the otherworldly and unexplained.

In "Now I Could Drink Hot Blood", they join forces with a psychic assigned to the FBI, Dr. Gabrielle Dichenz, in order to track a killer. Their latest case finds them with bodies piling up and all the clues defying everyday logic. The victims in their case have had their throats ripped out by something toothy, and all of the bloody samples left behind catch fire in sunlight. Any other investigators would be baffled, but John, Evan and their team are far from normal. Can they solve the case before the death toll sky-rockets?

Meanwhile, their new team member, Dr. Dichenz, has problems of her own in the guise of an abusive lover, a situation that John finds untenable. He insists on doing something about it. Will his efforts help or hinder Gabrielle sort out her personal demons? And can John protect Gabrielle from a psychopath and a monster without losing his lover Evan?
While the SIS team takes a deep breath after dealing with demons and unattractive blood-sucking vampires, FBI agent and Division P operative Gabrielle Dichenz has personal issues that must be dealt with. She must confront her abusive ex in a courtroom. Fortunately, her new love, SIS agent John Benchley and his lover, Evan Garrett, also an SIS agent, have her back. Gabrielle and Evan's friendship is also changing, becoming warmer. Both John and Gabrielle have a lot of past baggage and there aren't exactly a lot of roadmaps for ménage relationships, but all three are trying to figure it out. In the meantime, dead bodies keep coming up missing in and around Washington D.C. Reports of those corpses shambling around just prior to their being discovered in out-of-the-way locations around the city are just the unreliable memories of unobservant and imaginative bystanders. Right? Or are they? And just why would somebody steal an already dead body anyway?
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The SIS team has dealt with all sorts of things that go bump in the night--vampires, zombies, even demons. But not everything odd or occult walks or breathes. The CIA calls on SIS leader John Benchley to alert him to a strange set of occurrences around an abandoned house in Baltimore. Investigating, the SIS team stumbles on to something unprecedented and deadly. And not every SIS member gets away from their encounters unscathed.

Life continues to go on--even around vampires, mad scientists and demons. SIS FBI liaison Gabrielle Dichenz, who is the lover of both John Benchley and Evan Garrett, John’s boyfriend, is coming to terms with her new life. Recovering from her past with an abusive ex means looking closely at her present. Evan’s waiting patiently to integrate both of his lovers into his wider life. John, on the other hand, isn’t the sort of personality who takes well to waiting. There’s something really good growing between the three of them. Gabrielle just has to decide whether to truly grab for the brass ring or let her past dictate the shape of her future.
Four short stories the fit in between the novels

In Fortune Cookies Are Better in Bed, SIS Agent Evan Garrett has plans for his partner, John. Chinese food for two, to start with. Things lead to dessert in the elevator with a bottle of chocolate syrup. When the plan backfires, with embarrassing results, Evan has to figure out how to save the night. Are fortune cookies better in bed?

When you’re stuck in an epic DC beltway traffic jam, how do you pass the time? Frisky, sexy antics are a good start. Read all about them in Chinese Fire Drill.

Lastly comes Mandatory Fun. The head of Special Investigative Services, John Benchley, dreads the holiday season. In recent years, he’s lost two friends and fellow agents. The last thing he wants to do right now is participate in the mandatory Yuletide interagency bash. In particular, he’d really, really like to avoid an old hook-up, the man-eating Madison Carthage. Gabrielle Dichenz and Evan Garrett, his current lovers, promise him a reward for being a good boy and hanging in there. Sexy grown-up presents are good; love and support are better. John’s Christmas season just might take a turn for the better this year.

+ Ghost PTSD
Ghost PTSD
Now also available in the MEWR anthology

The SIS Case Files are series of four novels that start with “And Hell Itself Breathes Out”. In my universe Special Investigative Services is tiny federal agency that deals with demons, vampires, possessions and all manner of supernatural entities. It is headed by John Benchley. His team consists of a handful of agents that each have their own specialties. Some of their talents are psychic, some are more traditional such as tactical assault or computer technology. Fiona Mills and Todd McAffey are part of the SIS team. “Ghost PTSD” follows the evolving relationship between these two along with another woman, Katie Dansby. As usual the supernatural nature of the current case complicates matters. This story takes place after the fourth novel “For the Eye Sees Not Itself.”
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