A.R Moler
Bodies Making Chemistry

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Some of the stories on this page are independent and have no ties to other stories but others are prequels, sequels or short vignettes about characters existing in series

Beneath the Surface

Not Strictly Dancing

Two men at a Rennaissance fair find attraction.
Cam Bradshaw and Mason Flynn from Division P have a night out

A Note of Stress

In My Sights

Quinn Edwards is a rock star on tour. Quinn has a couple of secrets. One could kill him and the other could kill his career—maybe. Quinn’s new personal assistant, Josh Malone, has a job that makes getting close to Quinn—and learning his secrets—inevitable. What happens when Josh becomes one of those secrets? How can Quinn juggle his career and his secrets without destroying himself? Sometimes, a white knight carries a clipboard, a laptop, and a phone.
This is the prequel to "Catch Me", listed on the Contemporary page.
Tyler Czuba, SWAT team leader, has had long and deeply closeted relationship with Ben Sullivan, IT guy. What happens when the bank Ben is working in undergoes an armed robbery?

Plate Tectonics


Stephen Benford, Division P's clinical psychologist, meets his match in healer, Claire. Can they make a go of a long distance relationship?

The parts of this story interweave with the Division P timeline

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3